The Event Horizon (Before I Join The 27 Club)

by Mark Taylor Adams

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    this project consists of nine parts, woven together. it is 27 minutes long. all revenue from any purchases is donated directly to givewell. the money does not go through me but directly to them. so i will not [ever] receive any of the money...and that is the way i want it to be. any purchase will include an additional nine files... five videos, three images, and one pdf... nine mystery files, that i hope will make you all smile.
    1. before i join the 27 club
    2. this is the only time
    3. drop acid, not bombs (a wake)
    4. the buddha
    5. emit / time
    6. lost contact
    7. where is my heart?
    8. (i can’t) calm it down
    9. my tears have become an ocean
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event horizon: "a notional boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape... a point of no return."


released December 21, 2015

this project was arranged and written by me. but the music was composed by those greater than me. and the greatest contributions came from teej and gil scott-heron.



all rights reserved


Mark Taylor Adams Florence, Italy

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